The Gold Trail

Themed orienteering

A three hour orienteering experience exploring sites and stories associated with Arrowtown’s gold history.

Half an hour before the start your team is given a map with key sites marked. 

Each site has a gold points value. Within the time frame you navigate and bike to the sites you choose. Collecting the most gold points and arriving back on time could win you a variety of prizes (not that the competition is that important).

This experience is curated by local historian David Clarke, gold miner Justin Eden and bike orienteering expert Bruce Mcleod. 

You must bring your own bikes and “ordinary“ bikes are very acceptable although they will be a bit slower! 

There are two sections:


Teams can be either an adult and one child or two adults and two children.  Ideally children are 10 to 14, but if they’re strong bike riders a lower age is acceptable.

Meet 12.30pm Sunday, head off 1.00pm…be back by 3.00pm or lose points!


The individual section has a few more hill options in a wider area.

Meet 12 Midday Sunday, head off 12.30pm…be back by 3.30pm or lose points!

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