Practical Info.

Bike hire & transport

Bike Hire

If you’re hiring a bike through us the bikes are being allocated per ride, not per day or for the weekend. Helmets are included in the hire.

We’ve sourced great bikes from reputable bike hire companies in the district, although we can’t promise you a particular brand or model. The company reps will be on site to help get you going.

You’ll need to turn up 15 minutes before starting time to get your bike and briefing. Please bring your credit card for any extras such as panniers or gel seats. The bike rental companies have slightly different hire agreements and you will need to sign one on the day.

Bike & Battery Transportation 

As you may be aware, there are particular restrictions surrounding traveling with your e-bike battery. As an example you can’t fly with them. We’ve been talking with freight company Aramex and here’s a suggestion for how to travel your e-bike and battery…the arrangement will be directly between you and them.

Indicative pricing

Shipping from a North Island depot $110 Shipping from a South Island depot $70 

List of depots coming soon which will include main centres.

Details of who to call to book and where bikes will be delivered will be available soon. 

Deadline for shipping to arrive on time for Cyclorama likely to be 9am Friday 5th November.

Important info: 

Your bike must be boxed and the battery attached to your bike, not kept separately.

You must also attach a sticker to the outside of the box UN3090 or UN3091 which can be found online.