Practical Info.


Grade 1. Fairly flat, wide, smooth track or gravel road.

Grade 2. Mostly flat with some gentle climbs on smooth track with easily avoidable obstacles such as rocks and potholes.

Grade 3. Steep slopes and/or avoidable obstacles possibly on narrow track and/or with poor traction. There may be exposure at the track’s outside edge.

Grade 4. A mixture of long, steep climbs, narrow track, poor traction and obstacles that are difficult to avoid or jump over. Generally exposed at the track’s outside edge. Most riders will find some sections easier to walk.

Grade 5. Technically challenging. Giant climbs, narrow track and numerous hazards including dangerous drop-offs, sharp corners and difficult obstacles. Expect walking and possibly bike carrying.

Registrations open at  8.00am at the info hub at the festival village on Butler’s Green, Arrowtown. You can register at any time, but ideally at least 30 minutes before your ride. Give yourself enough time to register, collect your rental e-bike, and be at the briefing on time (10 minutes before departure).

If you’re booked in to do the Tips and Tricks before your ride, please allow time to register and pick up your e-bike before your Tips and Tricks booking.

A  briefing for your trail ride will take place at the centre of the Festival Village ten minutes before you leave.

Most of our rides are self guided and you will be provided with a map with all emergency numbers that you require on it. If you have any questions, please ask the info hub when you register or email us.

Well, fingers crossed that’s not the case. If it’s a very bad weather event across the weekend we’ll sadly have to cancel. In that situation, under our cancellation policy, we’ll keep some of your money to pay our suppliers and caterers and refund you the rest. 

If the bad weather does not warrant cancellation we will proceed, but with potential adjustments to ride trails and events. Please come dressed for the weather ahead and stay informed by checking your weather app before you leave the house. 

Fitness: Get some kilometres under the belt before you arrive – the fitter you are the more you’ll enjoy your ride! If you haven’t ridden much you could out Youtube videos on riding an e-bike, or get some lessons.

Weather check: Please check the forecast ahead of time and wear clothing to suit. Good footwear is a must, no open toe shoes, and layers for warmth. A little bit of rain will not stop us from going ahead, so please be prepared in your clothing choices.

Helmets: These are a legal requirement.  Please ensure you have brought one, or booked one in with your e-bike rental company.

Stay hydrated: Please bring your own water bottle which you can fill at the festival village. If you hope to have coffee or tea at the village, please also bring your own keep-cup.

Be self sufficient: Bring a backpack with a first aid kit, puncture repair kit, extra layers, a jacket and sunblock. Also to carry anything you receive, or any rubbish you may produce throughout the day.

Care on the trails: Please be a considerate rider keeping to the correct side of the trail and be mindful of your fellow riders, walkers, dogs and horses (yes!). Help out where you can if there’s an incident.

Risk at an event like Cyclorama can be reduced but not entirely eliminated.  We have a risk register. Our health and safety plan is currently being externally audited by AdventureMark safety in order to meet the requirements of the Department of Conservation.

However, there are a variety of risk factors including but not  limited to…

  • It’s an outdoor event so bad weather or extreme temperatures could be a risk.
  • Also you’re riding a bike so you could lose control and fall off the bike or collide with objects, other riders or pedestrians.
  • Track or ground conditions might cause an accident.
  • Your equipment including your bike might malfunction.
  • Your physical or mental condition might contribute to an accident or injury.
  • Another rider might cause an accident involving you.

Well, we are promoting it as an e-bike festival! But you could ride an analogue bike except on Ride to the Sky and maybe The Hop Trail. 

The rides that are marked as level two are probably more suitable, but we recommend you allow half an hour in the morning to take part in our Tips & Tricks course in the Festival Village. You could also check out Youtube videos on riding an e-bike.


You can log back into your Eventplus profile and update any dietary requirements or add a ‘Tips & Tricks’ after your purchase. If the changes are larger than this, please drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll do what we can to help you.

We reserve the right to cancel Cyclorama as a result of adverse conditions or any other unforeseen events or circumstances.
For any cancellation of the event before or on 30 September 2023 we will refund you 100% of your ticket purchase, but not the booking fee.

If we cancel the event after 30 September we reserve the right to keep up to 20% of your ticket price purchase to help pay our contractors, in particular food providers.

If Cyclorama is proceeding as planned but you decide not to attend for any reason:
If it’s before 1 October 2023 we will refund you what you paid less $50 and booking fees.
Refunds after this date are at our discretion.

Each ride description advises what’s covered in terms of food, beverages and occasionally transport.  We are also making a contribution on your behalf to the Queenstown Trails Trust and for a number of the rides we are making contributions to DOC, QLDC, LINZ  and landowners.
We acknowledge the strong support of the Queenstown Trails Trust, DOC, QLDC, LINZ  and a number of private landowners and thank them.

We’d obviously prefer you complete the ride before that satisfying drink back in the Festival Village. And realistically, our ability to pick you and your bike up is limited.

If you have rented a bike from a local rental company and it breaks down  they will probably be able to help you.    

At the start of each ride we’ll give you a phone number to ring in case you get lost. We give good phone directions.

This is standard practice from all booking sites.

Just in case you’re involved in an incident or accident. We will share this information only with our key medical and safety team, but destroy it immediately after the festival finishes.

Over the weekend we’ll have a number of volunteer posts available, and would love to have you join the team! Volunteer roles will include directional assistance, providing information and general duties. We’ll make sure you are fed and watered, and have a great team around you. Please submit your interest before August 30th 2023, by clicking emailing here.

We will operate under Government Guidelines.

Information surrounding changes caused by Covid  will be communicated to ticket holders as soon as it is received.