Coronet Caper

Hosted on hard core trails by hard core e-MTB fiends for hard core riders

Let local e-MTB riders show you what a lot of locals already know – there is a lot of adventure to be had if you know where to look.  

So if the names ‘Rude Rock’, ‘Zoot & Groot’, ‘Upper Hotrod’, ‘Dan O’Connells’, ‘Pack Track n Sack’, ‘Skippers’ and the ‘Water Race’ conjure up a sense of excitement and anticipation for the adrenaline junkie, then this is the ride for you.

In small groups to maximise your ride time, get to grips with the jewels of Queenstown’s mountain bike trails, with ‘Ride Guide’ Finn O’Conner and ‘T-man’ Tony Moore. Taking into account weather and trail conditions, Finn and T-man will craft three hours of full-on, tech flow trails from Coronet’s arsenal.  To start, you’ll be shuttled to the base of Coronet Peak keeping your battery fresh for your imminent adventure; your ride back through Bush Creek to the Festival Village in Arrowtown will top off an epic time in the hills.

Finn and Tony are both registered with Work Safe as Adventure Activity Operators. They have great local knowledge of these gnarly trails and will pass on a few e-MTB tips.

Riders will be transported from Arrowtown to the base of Coronet Peak. The ride departs from the Village at 9.30am and you will back in the village at approximately 12.30pm.

This experience is mainly grade 4 advanced with a bit of grade 5 sprinkled in for good measure.  The distance is hard to estimate but expect up to 35km with plenty of vertical descent and it’s likely to be 90% flowing, bike specific trail, and 100% stunning scenery. 

E-MTB bikes can be hired from the team at Bikeaholic, who have a fleet of bikes built just for this ride. Email [email protected] with ‘Cyclorama bike hire’ in the subject line.

Due to the guided and specialist nature of this ride, numbers are limited.

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